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Hey Everyone! Allison Denise, your Visual Brand Coach and Master Designer. I am excited to share with you three essential tips on how to develop a beautifully consistent brand using social media.

My first tip is simple and something that most creators do purposely.

Tip 1: Ensure that your social media handles are consistent across the board.

For example, if you’re searching for me, you’ll find me as Imallisondenise, on all platforms. If you can’t find me on a social media platform with that handle, I'm either not there or I'm not wanting to be found there. And that's the truth! There's no deviation whatsoever. When I set up my handles, I specifically determined what would fit on Twitter because at the time it was the platform with the shortest amount of characters available.

When people can easily find you and get to know you and your offers, they have a better chance of buying. That's number one! That's consistency. Consistency converts to cash, cash converts to profit!

Tip 2: Choose a consistent brand mood or voice

Ask yourself. What is my brand feeling? What mood do I want to covey? You can do this with imagery, social media posts, your graphics, colors and textures, fonts and the type of background images you use for your social media templates. Memes are currently trendy. Brands are creating memes to communicate their message and vision with cool, inspirational and sometimes quirky quotes. We see them every day throughout the day on all social media platforms.

One aspect of more successful brands is that they use the same letter styles and the same colors consistently. You're not going to see the Houston Rockets wearing blue. Their team color is not blue, it's red, right? Coca Cola won’t stray far from its signature font because that's how we identify them. When you are having your graphics created or creating them yourself, whether on Canva or Picmonkey or photoshop, be mindful of that, make note of your color choices Take note of your color codes and write them down. I’ll share more about the importance of developing a brand board later!

Tip 3: Show Up Consistently

Some of us schedule posts with Hootsuite, Buffer, Planoly, etc. Some choose to just do it manually themselves. If you have the time to do that, that's great. However, whatever you choose to do, the key is to show up consistently. Another example is if you know your newspaper usually shows up on your doorstep at 6:00 AM in the morning and it's not there, then you start to go, where's my newspaper? What happened? You’re more inclined to become disconnected with brands that don’t provide consistency. If you're going to post on Instagram and you want stay relevant, then you need to show up on Instagram consistently. It’s a practice that I had to personally overcome. I had to work on perfecting back in 2016 and I see the benefits of doing that. Remember, consistency converts to profit.

A great way to have consistency in your social media presence is to plan out your posts for each month. If the month is too long, try a week at first. It’s as easy as sitting down with a piece of paper and thinking about what you want to post about over the next 30 days. Take an hour, write it all out, then execute that plan using a scheduler, so it’s like “Set It & Forget It”.

If you're going to create images to go with those posts, take another day or an hour or two and create the images that match those posts. Again, being consistent with your colors, your fonts, and your background images.

Keeping yourself in front of your audience whether you're sick, tired or not in the mood is vital.

Recap. Develop consistent social media handles on all platforms. Make it easy for people to find you. When creating your posts for social media, use consistent colors, fonts, and background images for your graphics. Lastly, do yourself a HUGE favor and plan your posts!

Was this a stiff kick in the butt!?!?  Need more brand consistency or brand clarity so you CAN be consistent?  Check out my FREE Brand Allure Workbook on what you can use to attract your dream clients or Schedule a Consult with me to discuss my Brand Development Signature Service.  You deserve a beautiful brand you love that sells. Let’s make it happen!

Ciao for Now!