What platform should I use for my event landing page?

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I get this question often when entrepreneurs come to me for landing page design questions.  This, along with copy, functionality, and design is an important question to ponder when launching your latest event, course, or opt-in.  Let's chat a little about some creative, zero to low-cost landing page platforms you can use as a DIY entrepreneur.


1.  Ontrapages comes with beautiful templates and is one of my favs.  It has a free and paid option.  The paid option has templates with a few more functions than the free one and also includes the ability to use a custom URL BUT you will not really miss those extra functions when using the free version.  NOTE:  When using the free version, you can do a URL redirect or make the URL more custom and easier to remember by using a URL shortener like bitly.com (don't worry its really simple and takes a couple minutes; see my tutorial here).  Here is an example of an Ontrapages landing page:  Launch Your Vision Event Page


2.  Your email service provider (i.e. MailChimp, Get Response, ConvertKit, etc), often times has forms and/or pages that can be used as a SIMPLE landing page for your event.  #BeautifulBrandTip - Be sure to brand these forms with your colors and fonts.  Creating a cute little graphic in Canva to use as a header image also adds to your brand consistency and professionalism.  You can create a custom URL using bitly or purchase a domain name and redirect the URL to your landing page/form.  Here are a couple examples of simple email service provider forms/landing pages.  These can be expanded to include more text between the image and form fields if desired.  One done in ConvertKit and One done in Mailchimp


3.  An Unlinked Page on your website is another option.  What if I told you, that you could create multiple "unlinked" pages on your one website for your various launches?  Say what?  Yes!  What does that mean?  (I hear you in my head.)  An unlinked page is one which can only be accessed if someone has the direct link and is not included in the main navigation of your website.  You can do this on Squarespace which has beautiful and affordable websites and cover pages (starting at $12/mth).  Check out this cover page (web pages allow for more details) designed on Squarespace:  Lola's Hair Recipes

All of these options can be connected to your payment processor (such as PayPal).  Needless to say, there are a multitude of landing page platforms to choose from LeadPages to Instapages but most of these start at prices at least $30 and up per month.  If you're not ready for that kind of commitment, the above options could be just what the designer ordered!

Don't let the intimidation of a landing page make you suffer with failure to launch.  Keep it simple and choose one!  What platform do you think you will use?  Let me know in the comments below.  

Ciao for now!