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Online business seems to be a way of life these days.  Chances are you’re working with people in other cities, states, or even countries!  Even face to face meetings have become more virtual and required.  Joint ventures, collaborations, hiring virtual assistants are all reasons you might need to have written agreements to for your online transactions. 

Having written agreements

  • Help protect your interests in the transaction
  • Helps protect the other party’s interest in the transaction, and
  • Lays the foundation for the transaction to minimize misunderstandings

But with most of our transactions taking place online, how do you get your agreements signed without a physical, face-to-face meeting?  

  • You could print and snail-mail the agreement…if you’ve got a couple weeks to spare
  • You could email the agreement to be printed, scanned, and emailed back…if you don’t mind giving the other party extra work and hoping they have all the necessary tools to complete the tasks, or
  • you could use an online service made specifically for these circumstances like HelloSign (the one in my Fempreneur Toolkit).


Here are some of the awesome, time-saving features of HelloSign

Online Delivery

Once completing the document setup you can electronically send the agreement to several signers AND even designate which order everyone needs to sign in.  

Status Updates

No longer wonder if the contract is lost in the mail, whether they’ve seen it, or signed it.  HelloSign keeps you in the know with each step of the process.

Easy Electronic Signatures

Sure your fingertip signature may need to be perfected to be as beautiful as your penned signature but it isn’t any less binding in HelloSign.  Being able to simply use your finger to sign documents makes it super simple for you and your clients/business partners.  

Desktop and Mobile

I love it when software can be found online AND on my mobile device!  You can sign into and use HelloSign on your mobile device with the same ease and functionality as the internet/desktop version.  


You can send up to three documents at no cost and the paid plans begin at just $13/mth for unlimited documents per month.  And get this….the people you send it to for signature do not have to pay anything!


HelloSign has teamed up with Google to make it easy to sign documents in Gmail and to save documents in Google Docs.  Other popular integrations include Dropbox (my fav), Evernote (another fav), Box, and OneDrive.

HelloSign may be the way for you to save time and headache, add professionalism, and make it easy for people to agree to work with you.  It's a must have in my fempreneur toolkit.

Ciao for Now....Alli