Jamella Stroud Web Design

It is my pleasure to take you behind the scenes of my latest be-you-tiful web design.  Jamella Stroud is a lot like me in that she is a multi-passionate entrepreneur.  She serves in the area of finance and tax preparation and representation but also has a strong belief that our money issues are typically a direct result of our personal issues.  

Jamella needed a website that would convey both her passions as a unified message.  After a strategy session with her business coach and a pre-design consultation with me, we had a plan.  Jamella came to me with her professional photos and brand logo already completed so her color scheme was already determined.  

I used her pre-designed logo as inspiration for the shape of her graphics for her services and chose mood matching headshots from the professional photos provided.  I selected a quirky photo to portray the human and happy side of her personal development coaching and selected a business-like, friendly photo for her financial services.

Jamella Stroud is also a speaker and I wanted to give event organizers a picture of what it might look like to have Jamella deliver one of her transformational talks to their audience.  Therefore, I used as a backdrop, images of her standing and in motion with a light blue overlay.

To break up the text a little and keep up the personality of the brand I added personalized and branded icons to her financial services area.  A calendar for scheduling tax appointments, a padlock for the private client portal, and money for the "IRS Where's My Refund" website link.  

Other elements of JamellaStroud.com included a shop to sell inspirational and promotional items and book preorder page for the release of her new book Bulimic to Believer.  And I did it all in my FAV website platform... Squarespace!  This site, as always, was a labor of love and I was so delighted to see it come together beautifully, with functionality, and the Jamella Stroud brand personality!

It was a very brave move for Jamella to launch her site and brand because it is all so personal.  Won't you go on over and show her some love!  JamellaStroud.com

Ciao for now...

Your Creative Design Coach Alli

PS:  I'd love to know what you love about this web design...drop me a comment below!