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Three Things You Need to Know Before Designing Your Website

You want to have an online presence, outside of social media. You want a place that you can call home for your business and to have sales, whether you're selling products or services. When people ask you about what you offer, you send them to your website and they can purchase right there and that’s called e-commerce. We're living in the e-commerce world right now. So online sales are the thing.

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3 Tips to Using Overlays in Your Design

An overlay is a shape over your design. Let’s say you have a design in the background, right? Let's say it's a set of mountains or something like that, and you put a shape over it like a circle or square or triangle or whatever you want it to be, and you give it a certain color. Let's say the color is going to be blue. All right? When you add transparency to that blue shape…

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Jamella Stroud Web Design

It is my pleasure to take you behind the scenes of my latest be-you-tiful web design.  Jamella Stroud is a lot like me in that she is a multi-passionate entrepreneur.  She serves in the area of finance and tax preparation and representation but also has a strong belief that our money issues are typically a direct result of our personal issues.  

Jamella needed a website that could convey 

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